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WRPG Gisei v6.9

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WRPG Gisei v6.9

[FIX] Command '/toggle' Enable and Disable for OOC Chat and News Toggle.
[FIX] Toggle for OOC chat (Incoming Message).
[FIX] Release while on jail.

[NEW] Command '/myautostats' (BETA) for check your status (Active / Inactive).
[NEW] Detail of gender while on cellphone.
[NEW] Rank Inspector (13) and Deputy Inspector (12) for SAPD Faction.

[REVAMP] Longer AFK Time!
[REVAMP] Increase Salary for Street Sweeper and Mower Sidejob.
[REVAMP] Stuck Dialog.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions)


Q : Command myautostats itu ada apa aja?
A : Didalam command tersebut kalian bisa melihat status active player, Asellhouse, Active faction dan Active Admin (Jika kalian admin).
Q : Gaji sidejob di naikan berapa?
A : Silahkan coba sidejob tersebut di ingame 😊.



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